Silicon Valley virtual assistants are always on and always listening

One of my friends was absolutely stoked when she got her Alexa for Christmas last year. She took pride of place on the shelf beside her wall-mounted TV, where she could maximize her listening capability. Over the next few months, Alexa began to sink into the background of her home, almost as another family member. Whenever she needed help remembering the final ingredient of a recipe, or who was in the Six Million Dollar Man, Alexa came to the rescue.

Virtual reality isn’t popping yet: That’s why I’m getting in now

For all the talk we’ve engaged in regarding weed and blockchain and resources and biotech over the last few years, and all the money that’s been made on same, in the back reaches of the Equity.Guru megabrain there’s always been this nagging, mosquito-like buzz in the background regarding virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality (yes that’s a really long name – it’s the LGBTQ of tech types).