Vapen MJ Ventures (VAPN.C) partners with Oklahoma based Texoma Herb Company

Vapen MJ Ventures (VAPN.C) entered into a partnership with Texoma Herb Company in Oklahoma to extract THC from cannabis today. The state is one of the fastest growing medical marijuana markets in the United States, according to the August 2019 Annual Marijuana Business Factbook, which is based on the average […]

Vapen MJ Ventures’ (VAPN.C) products do not contain vitamin E acetate

President Donald Trump announced yesterday he wants to ban the sale of flavoured vaping products to protect young people from the dangers of e-cigarettes. Typical for him, the guy is as careful as a bull in a china shop, going after an entire industry on the basis of flimsy, incomplete […]

Cannabis won’t make America great again, but it does bring jobs

BEYOND/HELLO, a retail chain owned by Jushi Holdings (JUSHF.Q) opened two dispensaries, bringing jobs to Scranton and Johnston, PA, after getting the nod from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Scranton’s got a lot of the same problems in common with smaller cities in the United States and Canada. It’s an […]

Khiron (KHRN.V): Why Mexican farmers are converting poppy fields to corn

I have never tried opium.  But I suspect I would like it. Derived from the milky sap of the poppy, the Greek poet Homer (800 BC) referred to it as “a drug to quiet all pain and strife”. Opium provides such a delicious euphoric high, that it spawned a recreational […]