Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.E) couldn’t afford a 2010 Jeep Wrangler according to latest financials

Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.E) has just posted its latest financials for Q2 2019, showing a drastic decrease in cash assets and a looming equity deficit sure to concern investors. The company reported cash and cash equivalents totaling $16,920, a significant decrease from the $109,000 in cash Maple Leaf reported at […]

Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.E): Is it possible to have negative market cap?

For a few years now, I’ve been writing about Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.E), a bad company that has long attempted to look like a cannabis company, in the same way your drunk uncle thinks he does a great Austin Powers impression. It’s been genuinely easy to write about them, […]

Medical Marijuana Update: Aphria (APH.T) broadsided by TSX hesitation on US weed

If you’re wondering why your Aphria (APH.T) stock lost 13.8% today, you can blame the TSX – again. The Toronto Stock Exchange will contact all companies that cultivate, distribute or possess marijuana, or offer services related to the drug in any jurisdiction, by the end of the year. If they’re […]