Lexaria (LXX.C) recieves a…R&D license?

Earlier this week, a subsidiary of Lexaria Bioscience (LXX.C) received a R&D license from Health Canada, prompting the question, ‘we have those?’ “You were as surprised as we were,” said Alex Blanchard, communications manager for Lexaria. Lexaria isn’t your average grower. The company is much more of a tech-play, developing new […]

Lexaria Biosciences (LXX.C) takes off after Equity.Guru podcast

@presley1000 @ChrisParry nahh he’ll probably take some of the credit lol — dielawn (@Dyro01676) January 9, 2017 There’s an old way of thinking in the marketing game that, if you can sell to those that don’t like you, the rest of the market will take care of itself. This thinking […]

Clearing the decks: Lexaria Biosciences (LXX.C) execs take a stand

Continuing our series of interviews with people we’ve kicked about in 2016, one company that I’ve often lambasted is Lexaria Biosciences (LXX.V). Why have I given them crap? Because every so often they release a news release that cuts a corner, makes an unbackable statement, and muddies water that investors […]

Anatomy of a bullshit news release: Lexaria’s ‘private label’ deal

Sometimes I can’t even. For a few years now, Lexaria Bioscience (LXX.C) has crept around in the background of the Canadian bongosphere. It had a chequered start, partnering up with dumbasses, and then separating, announcing one business direction, then another. But yesterday Lexaria came out with a news release that was […]