Can Supreme (FIRE.T) use premium quality to get BC cannabis users into the legal system?

“British Columbia has long been considered the cannabis capital of Canada,” states Global News, “but new numbers from Statistics Canada show that reputation is in jeopardy”. “In the approximately nine months since cannabis has been legal in the country, B.C. has seen just $19.5 million in recreational pot sales. Compare […]

Supreme Cannabis (FIRE.T) gets serious about weed 2.0 with Truverra acquisition

On July 17, 2019 Supreme Cannabis (FIRE.T) announced that it has signed an “acquisition agreement” to gobble up all the shares of a privately-held Truverra Inc. Supreme will be handing over 14.7 million FIRE shares, giving the deal a dollar value of $20 million based on FIRE’s “closing price on […]

5 reasons I’m NOT selling my Supreme Cannabis (FIRE.T) shares

Some days I wish I was a “pure numbers guy”, so I could dispassionately analyze financial data – and base my investment decisions solely on that. But I’m not that guy. I invest in companies that I admire. On August 28, 2018 I wrote an article about Supreme Cannabis (FIRE.T) […]