Drone attacks, price gaps, and Jericho Oil (JCO.V)

Pre-dawn drone attacks on two major Saudi Arabian oil facilities over the weekend sent shock waves across the planet. These weaponized drones hit their mark with savage accuracy, lighting up the gated processing community of Abqaiq, ratcheting up tensions in a region already considered volatile. “One official said there were […]

An Oils update – Jericho (JCO.V), Permex (OIL.CN) and Renaissance (ROE.V)

It’s a mugs game, attempting to divine short term price moves in some of our more geopolitically sensitive commodities. Take gold for example… There’s a whole universe of traders following the price action in the metal, tick by tick. I’m not aware of any TA types who accurately called this […]

Deep value in the junior O&G arena – Jericho (JCO.V), Permex (OIL.CN) and Renaissance (ROE.V)

Today’s markets are nearly impossible to predict. Take oil for example: The Middle East is a ticking time bomb, and production out of Venezuela, Iran and Libya is plummeting. One would expect firmer prices, but, instead, we get a violent break to the downside. The other side of the coin […]

Jericho Oil (JCO.V): deep value in the STACK, a contrarian play

Sometimes it makes sense to be a contrarian, that is, to purposefully go against the flow, to buy and sell securities in complete opposition to the prevailing sentiment. The resource arena, particularly where micro-caps are concerned, is in the mother of all funks right now. Everything from oil and gas […]