Canada Goose (GOOS.T) and the unintended consequences of the trade war

One of the problems with living in a world with two belligerent economic powers preparing to duke it out in a trade war is the potential to get caught in the crossfire. That’s what happened when U.S. authorities requested the capture and extradition of Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei, on suspicion of allegedly defrauding multiple financial institutions in breach of U.S.-imposed bans on dealing with Iran back in December.

The China – U.S. trade war and you

For the uninitiated, a tariff is just a protectionist tax. Leaders of countries like the United States, seemingly disturbed by the disparity in the amount of goods bought vs good sold from places like China, impose tariffs as a way of discouraging importers from buying, say, Chinese instead of American.