The Tinley Beverage Company’s (TNY.C) distribution deal opens door to Canada

The Tinley Beverage Company (TNY.C) has signed a distribution deal with Great North Distributors to spread Tinley’s cannabis beverages across Canada. Great North’s distribution chains stem originally from the alcohol industry, and have since moved into cannabis, representing companies like Pasha Brands (CRFT.C) and Aphria (APHA.T). Since Tinley’s non-alcoholic cannabis […]

CannTrust (TRST.T) burns $77 million of illegal weed

While Canadian investors digested their Thanksgiving turkey, CannTrust (TRST.T) announced that it has “destroyed approximately $12 million of biological assets and approximately $65 million worth of inventory that was not authorized by CannTrust’s licence,” bring the total value of the torched product to $77 million”. Although the Toronto Stock Exchange […]

CannTrust (TRST.T) cannabis sales license suspended by Health Canada, and the clock is ticking

Turns out running an illegal drug operation out of your legal, licensed drug operation isn’t such a good business model. Health Canada announced today what many had long assumed was coming, when they suspended CannTrust’s (TRST.T) license to sell and process cannabis in the wake of ongoing allegations of illegal […]

Vaping linked to more than 450 cases of severe lung disease in the United States

There’s no easy way to quit smoking. Studies report that the nicotine patch doesn’t work without regular medical assistance, nicotine gums are ineffective, and chemical assistance comes with a list of terrible side effects.  Vaping, e-cigarettes and other devices, were thought to be the best smoking cessation options out there, […]