AMPD Ventures (AMPD.C) begins trading on the CSE today – here’s why it matters for internet users

The year is 2029. A rogue and non-copyright protected artificial intelligence system has gained sentience and launches an Oedipal war against humanity, its creators. Our best hopes for survival lie in the child-prodigy gamers of yester-year, trained for maximum lethality in combat, vehicle operations and strategy thanks to high-performance computing servers which cuts latency to never before seen levels. This is the story of those servers.

Here’s what’s next: e-Sports is happening right now, and hell’s coming with it

I’m about to land at the next Cambridge House extraordinary Future investor conference this week, with more speaking events than I honestly know what to do with. Part of the reason why they’re being tacked on is because we here at Equity.Guru have spent the last year telling you virtual reality/augmented reality is coming to the public markets, and it’ll be big when it happens.