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August 14, 2022


Investment information for the new generation

exploding organic food market

ERTH transforms livestock waste into a high-performance organic fertilizer, creating revenues from multiple streams, including electricity generation….
Earthrenew takes a biologically compromised product that is trapped in local markets, and frees it into a pure organic product that can be transported across provincial and state lines….
The demand-drivers for ERTH’s products have a macro tail-wind (the stock is up 75% year-to-date). Due to the encroachment of suburbs, arable land is being lost at the rate…
“The Replenish Nutrients team will support all aspects of the marketing, distribution and sales of the Earthrenew products into the regenerative agriculture space,” stated ERTH…
The Strathmore Plant generated $176,192 in January 2020, $70,093 in July 2020 and $107,225 in October 2020….
Partnering with Replenish Nutrients will bring in tech-savvy management and a mature customer list: two things of value to ERTH at is transitions into as a mid-market fertilizer and…
ERTH transforms livestock waste into a high-performance organic fertilizer….
ERTH sold 25 tonnes of its organic fertilizer product to NorthWind Land Resources, a land reclamation company….