LiCo Energy Metals (LIC.V) Q&A: Doing deals with Glencore

Greg Reimer is the former Executive Vice-President of BC Hydro’s Transmission & Distribution network.  BC Hydro is Canada’s 3rd largest electric utility with over $5.7 billion in revenue.  Greg has a wealth of operational experience and strong leadership skills from over 26 years in the public sector.  A Certified Public Accountant by profession, Greg held a number of senior leadership positions in in the public sector prior to joining BC Hydro.

Epstein: Wealth Minerals (WML.V) takes first mover lithium momentum in Chile

It’s January 2017, President Trump has taken up official residence in the White House and the lithium market remains white hot.  Is there a connection?  No.  There’s no natural reason to trot out the insatiable lithium demand narrative yet again, is there?  Well, no, but I will anyway.  2016 was a remarkable year for natural resource investors, almost everyone had a thrilling ride.  Lithium stocks were very strong until July, then cooled off through October.  Even coal stocks flourished!  Gold & silver had huge runs, but ran out of steam in August.  Uranium was a complete dud, until all of a sudden, in November, it wasn’t.