A junior mining sector revival… time to play ball?

The resource markets used to be more predictable. Seasonal cycles used to hold more sway. Time was, in the junior exploration sector anyway, when the dog days of summer gave way to the cool breezes of autumn, resource stocks firmed up. It was like clockwork – holidaying brokers’ folded up their beach gear, migrated back to the city and put resource stocks back on their client’s radar (I’m thinking back pre-2012 here).

Cabral Gold (CBR.V): continues to expand its mineralized footprint at Cuiu Cuiu

There’s a buzz in the air. It’s coming from the gold exploration arena. All of a sudden too. The market may finally be waking up to the possibility that we have reached the peak of discovery… the possibility that ALL of the juiciest gold deposits on our planet – those boasting both grade and scale – have already been found. The idea is as unsettling as it is intriguing. Though it’s only a theory, it’s one shared by a number of people whose insights into the subject hold a great deal of validity.