AMPD Ventures (AMPD.C) begins trading on the CSE today – here’s why it matters for internet users

The year is 2029. A rogue and non-copyright protected artificial intelligence system has gained sentience and launches an Oedipal war against humanity, its creators. Our best hopes for survival lie in the child-prodigy gamers of yester-year, trained for maximum lethality in combat, vehicle operations and strategy thanks to high-performance computing […]

AMPD Technologies, Enthusiast Gaming (EGLX.V), Riot Games, Louis Vuitton and the dawn of e-sports investing

For many people of my vintage, the concept of being entertained by watching other people play video games is confounding. But make no mistake, competitive e-sports is a thing. Enthusiast Gaming (EGLX.V) recently completed a merger with Aquilini Game Co and Luminosity to become a Global e-sports and gaming Leader. […]

Equity.Guru podcast: AMPD Technologies’ high computing solutions revolutionizing the cloud

Ampd Technologies is seeking to make a debut on the public markets soon and purports to have a high performance computing solution that will solve cloud computing’s latency issues and the one-size-fits-all philosophy of sector giant, Amazon Web Services (AMZN). Equity.Guru’s own Chris Parry spoke with Anthony Brown, CEO of Ampd, to get […]