Big Tobacco player Altria (MO.NYSE) lobbying hard for hemp, but is it the magic bullet Congress is counting on?

Tobacco giant, Altria Group (MO.NYSE), is lobbying in the United States for “matters pertaining to hemp and crop insurance,” among other things, seemingly aiming to pivot away from vaping amidst a national health emergency. A lobbying report filed by The Russell Group listed its income for the quarter on behalf […]

Kushco Holdings’ (KSHB.Q) gets 37% down with the sickness because of trash financing, right?

Kushco Holdings (KSHB.Q) saw its stock drop 37% today, and although nobody knows why for certain, it’s clear there’s a sickness here somewhere. To set the scene, Kushco Holdings is cannabis-related company, and they just announced a new financing. Normally, there’s nothing spectacular about that (for better or worse) but […]

Cronos Group’s (CRON.T) sleazy new GF smells like an ashtray

A cannabis company partnering with Big Tobacco is like a yoga studio partnering with Big Oil. It doesn’t look right. Feel right. Or smell right. On March 08, 2019 Cronos Group (CRON.NASDAQ) announced it accepted a $2.4 billion injection from tobacco giant Altria Group (MO.NYSE), giving Altria a 45% ownership interest […]

1933 Industries (TGIF.C) signs CB1 Capital’s Lorne Gertner as strategic business adviser

1933 Industries (TGIF.C) has engaged a New York-based advisory firm to help guide the company’s development over the next 12 months. CB1 Capital Advisors specializes in consulting companies involved in the supply-chain of cannabinoid-based wellness solutions, products and therapies and is backed by a notable expert advisory board which includes industry […]