Rhea Ripley, pro-wrestling icon and WWE champion, recalls a moment where she thought, “How did I get here?” Rob goes on to ask the eternal question, is there is too much hockey in the Lower Mainland?

In the news, Rick Magnante, manager of the Appalachian League’s Johnson City Doughboys, was fired for protecting his team against Covid outbreak. What the hell is up with the Appalahian League and Major League Baseball and why did the team owner hang him out to dry? Tyler Gilbert throws historic no-hitter in his first start for Arizona Razorbacks! Toronto Blue Jays seven and half games out of first, are they running out of time? St. Louis hotter than hot while Chicago Cubs struggle. Could the Vancouver Canadians return north of the border before the end of the season?

LA Clippers acquire Eric Bledsoe in exchange Patrick Beverley and Rajon Rondo.

The Holy Grail of baseball cards, the Honus Wagner card, nets $6.6 million. Ron Rivera, Washington Football Team coach, rips Covid misinformation spreaders. Jay Z expands his online gaming presence. Conor Mcgregor says, “I’ll be back”. Osaka will donate winnings to Haitian relief fund.

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Written By:

Gaalen Engen

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