Rob recently branched out and officially honed his haircutting skills by going to barber school. His journey brought some interesting insights and conversations, while creating relationships. Rob relates some life truths he received while behind the scissors. In the news, Tokyo Olympics continues to battle public opinion due to Covid 19, will Canada compete? Hart trophy candidates announced. New York Islanders knock out Boston Bruins. Do or die for Colorado Avalance in Vegas. Phoenix Suns’ Chris Paul dominates against Denver Nuggets. Brooklyn in Milwalkee. Clippers looking to even their series. Seattle Mariners pick up Jake Bowers. Blue Jays about to take on Chicago White Sox. Houston Astros hottest team in the MLB. Euro 2020 about to kick off. Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott leaves Adidas for Jordan. Showtime faceplants during it’s latest broadcast. More sportsbetting tips. Subscribe today!


Written By:

Gaalen Engen

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