Dr. Sharleen Hoar, mental performance lead at the Canadian Sports Institute Pacific who’s worked with both aspiring and Olympic athletes, discusses how sports psychology is key to performance, team dynamics and competitive drive. Dr. Hoar goes on to explain how the mental game is even more important in a post-covid world, what challenges athletes currently face and how issues of mental health have impacted stars such as Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka in this stressful time.

In the news, Free Agency negotiation is finally over for the NHL, should players be measured by money or performance? Vancouver Canucks Alex Edler departs to Las Vegas and Loui Eriksson, Empty Net Loui, gets the boot. Shotgun Jake Virtanen, underperforming and consistently overweight, given his walking papers. Is this the end of Benning’s bumbles? Share, subscribe and review today!


Written By:

Gaalen Engen

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