The pandemic was damaging to everyone, but it really impacted athletes attempting to compete at professional levels. Dr. Sharleen Hoar returns from the vault to explain the challenges facing professional athletes and the importance of sports psychology.

In the news, 18 months since the last CFL game and the season starts up again with a 14-game schedule. How is the league which was on life support before the pandemic, going to put bums in seats?

Canadian Olympian Andre De Grasse takes gold in Tokyo. Canadian Womens National Soccer Team and Sweden ask for later start due to heat.

Chicago Bulls pull in DeMar DeRozan for 3-year multi-million deal. Trae Young gets max rookie extension from Atlanta Hawks. Kyle Lowry gets emotional farewell from Raptor teammates.

Evander Kane takes voluntary leave from the San Jose Sharks over betting allegations. Joe Thorton skates in Switzerland, will he return to the NHL?

Indianapolis Colts give Jacob Eason a second look. Toronto Blue Jays send Axford to Milwaukee Brewers where he goes out with an elbow injury. LA Dodgers agree to deal with Cole Hamels.

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Written By:

Gaalen Engen

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