Vancouver Canucks bring in Daniel and Henrik Sedin as advisors to Jim Benning. Will the mix prove positive for the Canucks or will it fizzle like the Linden appointment? In the news, Montreal takes the Golden Knights to move onto the Stanley Final. New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightning reach game seven, who will emerge victorious? Clippers beat Phoenix. Hawks and Bucks go head to head with Atlanta ahead by a game. Dallas Mavericks close to bringing in Jason Kidd as coach. Chicago White Sox’s Craig Kimbrel closes no-hitter against LA Dodgers. Blue Jay’s pound the Orioles. Washington Nationals’ Kyle Schwarber hits 12 home runs in 13 games. Yankees blast the Royals. Euro 2020; Wales and Denmark square off tomorrow. PGA top Canadian Mackenzie Hughes in 37th position. Subscribe, share and review today!


Written By:

Gaalen Engen

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