(NHP.V) Feb. 12, 2019 – Mondias Naturals Inc. has announced that the research collaboration with McGill University has led to the identification of CELEXT07 signatory metabolite compounds, antibiotic properties and functional roles in plant physiology. This will lead to the development of several commercial products to meet emerging needs in bio-agricultural and organic markets and offer new chemical free solutions for the cultivation and food storage industries.

The chemical classes of compounds identified in the CELEXT07 extract confirms the botanical agent’s properties associated with plant defence against biotic stress by boosting the plant’s resistance as well as a biostimulant effect on growth. The identification of these compounds supports the previous research demonstrating CELEXT07’s biostimulant and antifungal protective and treatment properties.

“These results validate Mondias’ strategy to develop natural products for agricultural markets including post-harvest sub-markets,” said CEO Jean-Philippe Gravel. “The CELEXT07 botanical extract will make a significant contribution to the bio-agricultural and organic markets and allow growers to offer horticultural products grown with no chemical agents. We are excited by this advancement since CELEXT07 is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fungicides.”

Postharvest diseases caused by storage fungi are responsible for the estimated loss of about 20 to 25 percent of harvested fruits and vegetables, and will certainly affect Canada’s new cannabis industry. Some fungi may produce mycotoxins that can cause toxicity to both animals and humans.  Mycotoxin contaminations can occur in the field and greenhouse, before and after harvest, and also during post-harvest activities and storage. Mondias has been developing its CELEXT07 products to help prevent fungal growth on plants through its proven ability to increase plants’ defence system.

As previously reported on Dec. 5, 2018, CELEXT07, when used as a soil drench agent, significantly reduced lesions caused by fungi on two greenhouse growing plants, tomato and lettuce, and significantly reduced lesions on detached leaves. Mondias has been expanding its research activities to target food and crop storage. “These results suggest that CELEXT07 botanical extract may become a low-risk solution to the new Canadian and U.S. cannabis agricultural industries,” Gravel added.

The market potential for CELEXT07 is considerable, considering that these infections result in annual economic losses between $10 billion to $100 billion worldwide (L. Hua et al. 2018) and that about one-third of the food produced worldwide for human consumption is lost after harvest (Gastavsson et al., 2011).

Mondias Naturals specializes in the commercialization and development of evidence-based botanical products for the health-care, bio-agriculture and organic markets. The company is already selling both oral and topical botanical agents to help manage unmet medical needs through Holizen Laboratories, one of its divisions. Mondias is also developing botanical-based specialty fertilizers for use on household plants, urban gardens, lawns, golf courses, nurseries or greenhouses in collaboration with McGill’s Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

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