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We know you’re busy and may not have time to swing by the website every day. So we’re launching an automated email digest which will dispatch a list of our recent articles straight to your inbox once a week.

That way, whether you’re enjoying a bagel and coffee on a Saturday morning or sunning yourself on the back of a yacht in the Mediterranean it’s easy to stay in touch with our latest thinking on the weed and resource spaces.

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We don’t want to make assumptions and spam anyone with this new feature so we’re asking you to subscribe again if you’re interested. Sorry.

We realize that not all folks will want this adding further clutter to their inbox.

We’re using a separate list so you can always unsubscribe from the email digest at any time without affecting your newsletter subscription. Simples.

I’m sold – what do I have to do?

Just add your email in the box below and we’ll send you a confirmation request. Confirm your intention to subscribe and you’re on the list. Sit back and wait for our typewriter-tied monkeys to do the rest