AMPD Technologies about to go public: Holding last million of financing for little guys

If you’ve been reading this site for a long time, you’ll have heard us mention AMPD Technologies before. This is a company I’ve been a part of, in an informal advisory nature, for nearly two years, having met one of the founders at a Dungeons and Dragons game way back, […]

Presentation: Yo mining execs, get off your asses and talk to young investors

Last week, at the Cambridge House Resource Investor Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre, the organizers asked me to deliver a keynote. This is not a new thing. Past Parry keynotes have included “Everyone Out There on the Conference Floor is Lying to You”, “Anatomy of a Pump and Dump: […]

Mining for minors: Time for resource companies to figure out the money is in millennials

In 2015, when we started this outfit, our business model was to steer clear of conventional wisdom and the same old pubco marketing techniques, and instead focus on rich niches. Honest coverage of client companies that is negative when justified was one niche. Being inclusive of women was another. And […]

Vancouver’s YDreams Global (YD.V) ends 2018 on high note, looks forward to more Virtual reality successes in 2019

Virtual reality is rolling its way into all aspects of society and a Vancouver tech company is on the forefront of that VR wave. After signing a few recent deals to sell virtual reality arenas in the US, 2018 ends on a high note for YDreams Global (YD.V). And things are […]