This is an actual MedMen (MMEN.C) news release

When a cannabis company loses a lot of money every quarter, and has to sell real estate, cancel acquisitions, lay off staff, renegotiate existing financing to higher interest rates and offer stock to new financiers at a discount to the market price, all to stay afloat, one might expect their newsflow to show bold new moves, innovation, maybe some hard austerity decisions.

GONE: CannTrust (TRST.V) execs bounced by board after 3 Stooges-like revelations of stupidity

We may never know whether it was the brazen hubris of doing a promotional video in front of an unlicensed grow room filled with illegal plants, or if it was the email trail the Globe and Mail discovered yesterday that showed top brass at CannTrust (TRST.V) were not only aware the company was growing illegal weed, but actively working around Health Canada inspectors while doing so, and looking to gaslight regulators in the eventuality they got caught.