Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.E) couldn’t afford a 2010 Jeep Wrangler according to latest financials

Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.E) has just posted its latest financials for Q2 2019, showing a drastic decrease in cash assets and a looming equity deficit sure to concern investors. The company reported cash and cash equivalents totaling $16,920, a significant decrease from the $109,000 in cash Maple Leaf reported at […]

Wayland Group (WAYL.C) crumbles, to RTO with illiquid crypto company, CEO Ben Ward dumped

Canadian licensed cannabis producer The Wayland Group (WAYL.C), formerly Maricann, currently halted for not being able to get their financials through three different audit teams, has succumbed. Long halted at $0.74 in Canada, though still trading on the US OTC at C$0.26, Wayland announced late Friday night, when most people […]

CannTrust (TRST.T): If you’re buying the bounce, you’re playing a dangerous game

Cannabis investors are a different breed. They’re amped way higher on positivity, cynicism, self belief, and sorrow, prone to the sort of mania that baseball card, Cabbage Patch Kid, and tulip enthusiasts know in their plums. When cannabis investors love a stock, there’s almost no amount of negative due diligence, […]