Mastercard (MA.NYSE) backs out of Facebook’s (FB.Q) Libra team like a two-headed baby

Mastercard (MA.NYSE) joined PayPal (PYPL.Q) and Visa (V.NYSE) with its announced exit from Facebook’s (FB.Q) Libra support group today, leaving the once famed project listing in the wind without a major payment processor to back it. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, said he had hoped to foist his cryptocurrency on the […]

The end of the world, or, how I learned to live with a habitually shrinking PMI

The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) U.S. manufacturing survey was released yesterday and, boy, did it ever raise alarms. Estimations of the ongoing U.S.-China trade war have been on a piecemeal basis up until now: It is common knowledge American soybean farmers are struggling, but calculating the material effects on […]

Equity.Guru video: Magic mushrooms 101

Psilocybin is becoming the new cannabis as psychedelic mushrooms a.k.a. magic mushrooms find themselves in therapeutic use. What began as a ritual embibement thousands of years ago, could help doctors treat the human mind non-intrusively with an unheard of efficacy. The chemistry behind these little buttons of laughter could disrupt […]

Equity.Guru video: Financials – Balance Sheet 101

Balance sheets give a quick snapshot of where a company is financially at a certain point of time. From the balance sheet, investors can determine how healthy the company is financially and whether it is likely to meet its obligations to continue operating. Knowing how to read a balance sheet […]