VIDEO: The story of nickel

Transcript: Named after a German sprite, nickel is elemental to modern society in the creation of such things as stainless steel, corrosive resistant plating, alloy

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Icahn’s noxious no-brainers and America’s share buyback binge: Is value extraction a sham?

Icahn’s traveling roadshow is only marginally better than the criminal activities of Bain Capital. These vicious business vultures swoop in, gain control of the shares, get the company to load up on back-breaking debt to commence a share buyback scheme which they sell into and walk away from long before the company’s books explode all over the retail bag holders.

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Supercomputing: Then and now

Supercomputers first made their appearance in in the 60s and companies like CDC and Cray Research dominated the sector for almost thirty years. These units

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Potcoin, what are you smoking?

Cryptocurrency is exploding and stupidity abounds as hopefuls and charlatans put up a shingle for investors to throw ridiculous amounts of money at. One example

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