Uber’s (UBER.NYSE) woes continue as London pushes their drivers towards giving biometric data

Uber (UBER.NYSE) drivers could soon have to provide biometric data to operate in London. The City of London regulator Transport for London (TfL) has been on Uber’s case for years to increase rider-safety, and may need to touch gloves and come out swinging again if the company refuses to accept […]

Slack’s (WORK.NYSE) sad performance and the scourge of Silicon Valley

When Slack (WORK) listed on the NYSE this year, it was the first tech unicorn to grace American markets through a direct listing rather than the traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO). This historic event came on the heels of a growing dissatisfaction in Silicon Valley over Wall Street’s preferred path […]

Meredith Corporation (MDP.NYSE) wants you to get more mindfulness in your life

Everyone has that one friend that’s into the weird shit. I don’t mean strange drugs or alcohol (but I don’t not mean that either), but strange cultural esoterica like tarot or astrology. If you let them, they’ll swallow significant parts of your day talking about what planetary bodies are presently […]

Netflix (NFLX.Q) takes on more debt to dig moat faster in time for siege

The streaming service war is about to get medieval, and nobody knows that more than Netflix (NFLX.Q), which has been desperately selling bonds to fund their moat construction as invaders Disney (DIS.NYSE) and Apple (AAPL.Q) settle in for a long siege. If the company has a secret weapon that will […]