Equity.Guru podcast: Renaissance Oil (ROE.V) partners with Russian giant in Mexico

Renaissance Oil (ROE.V) is developing a diversified shale and mature fields portfolio in Mexico.  The timing is fortuitous. For 80 years, Mexico’s state-owned PEMEX was the only energy operator in Mexico. The country’s oil production fell for 15 years, declining from 3.4 million barrels a day (mb/d) in 2005 to […]

An Oils update – Jericho (JCO.V), Permex (OIL.CN) and Renaissance (ROE.V)

It’s a mugs game, attempting to divine short term price moves in some of our more geopolitically sensitive commodities. Take gold for example… There’s a whole universe of traders following the price action in the metal, tick by tick. I’m not aware of any TA types who accurately called this […]

Deep value in the junior O&G arena – Jericho (JCO.V), Permex (OIL.CN) and Renaissance (ROE.V)

Today’s markets are nearly impossible to predict. Take oil for example: The Middle East is a ticking time bomb, and production out of Venezuela, Iran and Libya is plummeting. One would expect firmer prices, but, instead, we get a violent break to the downside. The other side of the coin […]

Renaissance Oil (ROE.V) reports record annual revenue, confirms potential of commercial play at Amatitlán block

Crude oil has been on a tear in recent months, defying the expectations of many in the analyst community, tacking on gains, now consolidating well off the lows witnessed last December. The above chart gives us a look at the extreme volatility that has been playing out in the oil […]