2020 Gravitas Securities Growth Conference lines up seriously interesting deals, even in weed

Respect where it's due, I haven't been to an investor conference in a long time where I came away interested in most of what I saw, let alone *everything* I saw, but this year's Gravitas Securities Growth Conference lineup absolutely hit it out of the park. The GSGC isn't the biggest show around, but they know how to turn out the playahs, and the only way you keep big money showing up is to be a little bit picky with what you offer them. Don't waste anyone's time and they'll know it's cool to return.

If the cannabis industry is desperate for capital, time to bet on the guys with capital

With a little over and hour left in the year 2019, past 10PM on December 31, I saw a news release from James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWCA.V) about a small $2 million loan they'd taken out. The timing of the announcement of their loan was surely not coincidental. Actually, thinking about it, 'payday loan' might be the more appropriate term to have used. JVCA took out a debenture financing of $2 million at an interest rate of 25% annually. That's just the first tranche of the deal; there's another $8 million out there if they want it. My credit card, abused as it has been, costs me less interest to maintain than JWCA's loan.

Liberty Leaf Holdings (LIB.C) partners with Veterans Affairs Canada to bring relief to PTSD sufferers

Part of cannabis’ cultural allure is the inherent rebellion of ingesting it. It’s been a counterculture staple because ingestion is an illegal act, a victimless crime and a way to thumb your nose at your so-called betters in ‘polite society.’ There’s Cheech and Chong, and also those wonderful underground comics from the 60’s and 70’s, and those years really were the heydey of cannabis-use as social rebellion. We’d see scenes of Huey gunship helicopters flying over an endless green Vietnamese jungle, with camo-clad boys passing a roach back and forth to fortify their nerves before their so-called ‘betters’ threw their lives away in combat. All to the tune of Fortune Son from CCR.