Nexus (NSX.V) Finds Gold In Africa

Global money printing and “quantitative easing” have damaged the integrity of paper currency while creating trillion dollar equity, bond and real estate bubbles.  It doesn’t take a genius to sustain 2% GDP growth when you’re tossing duffel bags of cash from a fleet of helicopters. When these bubbles pop – there will be stampede to gold

Patriot One Technologies (PAT.V): The non-frisky frisk

Unless the transaction is social, sexual, or financial – people do not generally enjoy being touched by strangers. In 2016, there were over 58,000 gun violence incidents in North America, which lead to 15,000 deaths. Which is why the powers that be spend many billions in trying to figure out where weirdos with weapons are going to pop up next – and inconvenience millions in the process. The current weapon-detection systems deployed in airports, stadiums, concert halls and train stations involve a lot of touching. Recent public-domain complaints to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) revealed the degree of customer distress from transportation front lines. “After I was patted down,” one complainant stated, “the officer slapped me hard on the penis with the back of his hand. Things just got worse from there.”