Experion Holdings’ (EXP.V) Master Grower nominated for hand-trimmed “Lemon Zkittle”

On October 28, 2019, Experion Holdings (EXP.V) announced that the Head Grower of Citizen Stash’s award-winning cannabis strain “Lemon Zkittle” has been nominated as Top Master Grower for the 2019 Cannabis Awards. The Master Grower’s name is Liam McKenzie. Street-level consumers have already cast their vote. Lemon Zkittle is “a […]

Yield Growth (BOSS.C): Forget the story – now we’ve got numbers

The story has always been good. “Cannabis will require an entirely new way of branding,” stated Yield Growth (BOSS.C) Penny Green in a 2018 Georgia Straight interview. “Cannabis lifestyle brands could be disruptive to several sectors, including the wellness industry, makeup, and leisure.” Green and her team set out to […]

Patriot One’s (PAT.T) new tech aims to save police officers’ lives.

Patriot One (PAT.T) – an A.I-driven concealed weapons-detection company – is looking and sounding less like a technology incubator – and more like a sales company. Check out the product demonstration videos on the re-vamped website. You’ve probably heard, the U.S. has an issue with guns. The situation is so […]

Isracann (IPOT.C) spikes 36% as Snoop Dogg partners with an Israeli cannabis company

Being “original” in business is a double-edged sword. Yes – it’s good to stand out in the crowd. But – when you’re all alone – investors may fret that you are a mad zealot on a doomed solo mission. “Isracann (IPOT.C) is Israel’s first pure-play cannabis firm to list in […]