GTEC Holdings (GTEC.V) completes its transaction and pays its debts

GTEC Holdings (GTEC.V) completed its transaction with Fire and Flower Holdings (FAF.T), selling them some of their Cannabis Cowboy (CCI) dispensaries in exchange for cash, so they can pay their debts. GTEC’s been underwater on debt for awhile, and this down market isn’t making it any easier, but they’re far […]

Surviving Koch brother does his part to dismantle American democracy for oil profits

Do you think Charles Koch sees himself as the protagonist in his very own Ayn Rand novel? Maybe he’s Hank Rearden, facing down the rampaging hordes of one-size-fits-all rent-seeking leftists common to Rand’s oeuvre. Except, unlike in Rand’s novels, the United States government is basically another tool used by private […]

CannaRoyalty (OH.C) subsidiary Trichome Financial’s merger with 22 Capital offers new financing options

CannaRoyalty (OH.C) subsidiary Trichome Financial completed a merger with 22 Capital to produce a credit-providing company called Trichome Private Credit that will provide a means of capital financing for the cannabis industry. The cannabis markets are down and it’s getting hard for companies to raise needed capital. That’s why we’re […]

UFC parent company Endeavor Group Holdings taps out of their IPO

There must be something in the air this IPO season, because Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) parent company Endeavor Group Holdings joins the ranks of WeWork, Lyft (LYFT.Q), Uber (UBER.NYSE) and Peloton Interactive (PTON.Q) as companies that have either stalled their IPO, cancelled it outright, or tanked badly shortly after. In […]