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June 09, 2023


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Brascan Gold Inc. Ignites the Quebec Market New VP Bastien Boulay to Lead Quebec Operations

Brascan Gold Inc. Ignites the Quebec Market: New VP Bastien Boulay to Lead Quebec Operations

Brascan Gold Inc. (BRAS.C), a prominent figure in the burgeoning lithium market in Northern Quebec, has proudly announced the appointment of Bastien Boulay as its Vice-President of Quebec operations. Mr. Boulay, a polyglot proficient in French, English, and Spanish, is poised to offer efficient managerial services tailored for the unique Quebec landscape. His understanding of the local culture and French language plays a crucial role in ensuring corporate success in the province, which often hinges on effective cultural comprehension and communication.

Bastien Boulay is not a new face in the world of business and marketing. As the founder of Global One Media Group, a comprehensive digital marketing agency, he has a history of bridging the communication gap between small- and mid-cap public companies like Brascan and the younger Gen Z and millennial investors. Boasting over a decade of experience in marketing and advertising, Boulay promises to foster a better understanding between the company’s objectives and investor expectations.

Mr. Boulay emphasizes the importance of tailored marketing strategies for Quebec, “While companies may have a great marketing strategy for Canada as a whole, developing a more nuanced approach for the Quebec market can be challenging. Reaching out and engaging with investors in their own language is the cornerstone of successfully entering the Quebec market.”

Balbir Johal, the CEO of Brascan, shares the company’s confidence in Bastien Boulay’s capacity to expand Brascan’s reach in the Quebec market. He has stated that “Mr. Boulay will be our Quebec leader to build a Quebec team to establish an advanced presence for Brascan in the mining and financial francophone communities.” He also pointed out the potential within the 9.2 million population of Quebec, which remains relatively untapped by English Canadian companies involved in the lithium boom triggered by Patriot Battery Metals in Northern Quebec.

To mark his commitment to Brascan, Bastien Boulay has been granted 250,000 common share purchase options. These options can each be exercised at five cents for a period of two years. The company has bypassed the formal valuation requirements and minority approval requirements as stipulated by MI 61-101, due to its non-listing on a specified market and the non-excessive value of the options grant.

Simultaneously, the company reports that it is pushing forward with the corporate spinout of the Alegre gold project in Para state, Brazil. This project will be transitioned into Goldmark Resources Inc., an entity set to be listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. The share exchange ratio for the spinout remains undetermined.

This corporate update highlights Brascan Gold Inc.’s forward-thinking approach, which pairs commitment to provincial needs with international ambitions. As Mr. Boulay takes the reins of Quebec operations, the company is set to make a greater impact in Quebec and beyond.

Brascan Resources currently trades at $0.03 CAD per share for a market cap of $1.16 million.

Brascan Resources Stock Chart 05-23-23

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