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March 22, 2023


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AMPD (AMPD.CN) Departure Lounge to showcase immersive VR music video at SXSW festival

AMPD Ventures (AMPD.CN), is a Canadian company providing cutting-edge performance computing solutions for video game development, esports, film and entertainment, AI, and big data.

Today the company announced that its subsidiary Departure Lounge immersive VR music video “The Dark VR” co-produced with Monstercat artist WHIPPED CREAM, will be premiered as an official selection in the XR Experience Competition at the highly prestigious South by Southwest festival.

This highly innovative mixed reality project is a collaboration between Departure Lounge and Monstercat producer/singer-songwriter WHIPPED CREAM working with rapper and songwriter Jasiah and producer Crimson Child for their genre-bending masterpiece “The Dark.”

AMPD’s wholly owned subsidiary Departure Lounge contains the world’s largest volumetric capture stage packed with next gen technologies.


Departure Lounge used its volumetric Metastage to capture the artists’ performances as photorealistic, digital 3D ‘holograms’ which were then brought into beautiful, photorealistic digital 3D environments built by the Departure Lounge creative services team. The ability to shoot holographic performances on ‘digital location’ radically enhances the creative options available to artists and production teams while reducing the cost, time, and logistical headaches associated with shooting in real world locations.

A 2D version was released on February 1st 2023. The full 3D reimagination of the music video will enable fans to immerse themselves completely in the artistry and power of WHIPPED CREAM’s creative vision.

“The Dark Music Video and The Dark VR projects showcase the studio technologies and creative teams at Departure Lounge coming together in the cohesive way we envisioned when we started the company,” said Adam Rogers, VP of Creative & Head of Studio at Departure Lounge and Executive Producer for “The Dark.”

“It was a thrill to work with WHIPPED CREAM to help her explore the evolution of her amazing creative vision using these new approaches and it’s gratifying that a festival of the calibre and prestige of SXSW has chosen to recognize the technical and creative achievement that has gone into this project.”

“As a designer at the intersection of emerging tech, I’m excited to work on projects that bring the best from all industries. Working with Departure Lounge and Monstercat on “The Dark” offered this unique experience, collaborating with talents from music production, opera, theater, video game development, and VFX. This is the future of our industry,” said Will Selviz, director of “The Dark”. “I think volumetric technologies will revolutionize the future of audiovisual content and it’s great to have made what we believe is Canada’s first volumetrically produced music video together.”

TradingView Chart

AMPD Ventures stock just recently closed below the major $0.12 support, and thus breaking the range. This was a bearish sign, and we could have seen a drop down to $0.08. However, breakdowns, just like breakouts, tend to pullback to retest the zone it closed below before continuing lower.

As you can see, there has been no momentum lower to the next zone of support. Instead, the stock has ranged above $0.10 and below $0.125. Now, we require a breakout back above the $0.125 zone to trigger some bullish momentum and a breaking of the range.

Ranges tend to display the end of a trend. In this case, the downtrend. This is because instead of making new lows, the stock holds recent lows thus indicating an exhaustion of selling pressure.

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