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July 18, 2024


Investment information for the new generation


Analysis: GameOn (GET.C), “Behind the Ticker.”

GET announced on the 13 of September 2021 that it would be launching a brand new initiative focused on authentic one-on-one conversations with GameOn Investors, Advisors, Directors, and more. The video series will be available on GameOn’s website and social channels and will be pulling back the proverbial ‘curtain’ for a more intimate look at the people driving the day-to-day business. “Behind the Ticker.”

The operators feel that the series should be targeted towards existing and future shareholders and partners to engage with the firm more deeply.

“Our goal with ‘Behind the Ticker’ is to be more than just an investor deck, capabilities presentation or stock market ticker—to allow our backers, be it shareholders or partners, to connect with our people in an authentic, human way,” said Matt Bailey, CEO of GameOn. “These conversations will be a little about business, and a lot about people, as we dive into our key leaders’ backgrounds, motivations, passions and experiences.”

“Behind the Ticker” will feature conversations with personnel such as Advisor, Tim Cahill (former EPL and FIFA World Cup athlete), Director, J Moses (Take-Two Interactive, Grand Theft Auto, Bet.Works), Chief Product Officer, Santi Jaramillo (Dapper Labs, NBA Top Shot, EA Sports), Advisor, Boris Gartner (LaLiga North America), and PR Lead & Advisor, Sabrina Carrozza (FC Barcelona, DRIVE by DraftKings, NYU).

The first episode will be released in October, with more details to be shared later as things progress.

Existing and future shareholders and partners should be excited about this news. The advantage of having an open transparent management team allowing you access into how they see their business is one of the key advantages of having an owner-manager-orientated executive team.

Some companies keep information close to the chest, which can promote speculation and rumors, from employees, customers, financial media, and competitors. Being open and honest about all aspects of their business operations has numerous advantages for your (Existing and future shareholders and partners) company. It also positions you in such a way that you can quickly and efficiently respond to operational inefficiencies and material information changes swiftly.

This approach goes back to the very simple definition of what a common stock is,

…Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation. Holders of common stock elect the board of directors and vote on corporate policies.

Helping new and existing investors understand this quintessential difference between speculative security and partial ownership in the corporate’s net assets is the key to harboring long-term-oriented investors who choose corporate actions for the good of creating intrinsic value for the business over the long haul. This sort of long-term orientation from your investor base also helps management ignore the volatility of the quarterly market reports that can lead to many other ‘interesting’ activities. This direct communication between the operators and the owners allows a direct link between stock price and specific business metrics that allow investors to appraise the performance of the board of directors and the executive managers.

Not only does it benefit the investors directly it also has an added indirect effect. Since the management team is not worried about daily volume or using excess cash to buy up its own stock to keep the price at a certain bid, they can focus their energies on using their cash for future investment.

In GETs case, they have periodically used cash to invest directly into new projects and partnerships like the recently announced MX Player and Willow TV partnerships that will help launch free-to-play cricket prediction games.

Although this initiative might seem small to most people to those who understand the capital markets this is a great signal from the executive team at GET. As Mr. Buffett would say

Most investors (& corporate managers) would do way better in business if they were able to see the stock price of a business as a product of the underlying operations and business model of a firm run by intelligent, passionate, and honest managers.



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