GameOn Entertainment Technologies (GET.C) launched their new content series, called ‘Behind the Ticker,’ today, according to a press release.


This new content series showcases the company and takes the prospective investor behind the scenes for conversations with other investors, advisors, directors and other luminaries for the company. The series is available on the company’s website and socials. It’s meant to take the place of the more traditional investor deck, providing more than just the standard 21 pages of static images and charts to interest prospective investors.


“Our goal with ‘Behind the Ticker’ is to be more than just an investor deck, capabilities presentation or stock market ticker-to allow our backers, be it shareholders or partners, to connect with our people in an authentic, human way. These conversations will be a little about business, and a lot about people, as we dive into our key leaders’ backgrounds, motivations, passions and experiences,” said Matt Bailey, CEO of GameOn.


In an earlier article, we asked the question of whether or not GameOn is the next step in the evolution of entertainment. It’s still a valid question give how GameOn provides an interactive two-way channel for broadcasters, TV networks, OTT platforms, leagues, tournaments and sportsbooks with interactive, social experiences. Now folks can watch cricket and place bets on not only who’s going to win, but who’s going to make plays.


Some of the folks working for the company are draws for a certain type of fan, so this isn’t just come in and watch Bob the CEO drone on about how great his company’s price to earnings ratio for an hour. They have people like Tim Cahill, a former EPL and FIFA World Cup athlete, or if video games and the industry are your thing, then maybe company director, J Moses from Take-Two Interactive, who is responsible for games like Grand Theft Auto will be for you. There’s more than those two as well, but you’ll have to check it out in October when they release their first episode.


Also launching in October is the fruit of their partnerships with MX Player and Willow TV for their free-to-play cricket prediction games. Let’s also add their closing a $5.8 million financing in March before listing on the CSE in June and the OTC in July. That’s not exactly a bad start for a newly listed company.



GET might be down a penny today and presently trading at $0.34 but they’re up from last month’s low of $0.26.
—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: GameOn Entertainment Technologies is an marketing client.

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