Nextleaf Solutions (OILS.C) subsidiary finished its first shipment of Glacial Gold CBD and THC products to the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, which is the sole wholesale distributor for non-medical cannabis in BC, according to a press release.


The company’s debut lineup, Glacial Gold, is now available at BC Cannabis Stores and other select private cannabis retailers across the province.

“We’re excited to launch in our B.C. backyard first, with a portfolio of large format vape and oil products, all broadly appealing and validated formulations, at accessible price points. We put the emphasis where it counts. Product quality and consumption experience matter most, not excessive packaging, or elaborate promotions. We’re confident that value is a driving factor behind the majority of product decisions, particularly in the vape and bottled oil categories,” said Emma Andrews, director of marketing at Nextleaf.

Nextleaf is cannabis oil producer that owns one of the largest portfolios of U.S. patents for extraction and distillation of cannabinoids. Their prohibition-era brand is Glacial Gold, which we’re talking about today, and they produce their extractions from a plant in Vancouver, which has a design capacity fit for transmuting 600 kilos of dried cannabis into oil everyday. They’re also presently developing delivery technology using its Health Canada Research License, with sensor evaluation of cannabis through human testing. Overall the company owns 15 U.S. patents and has issued over 80 patents globally.


The vape lineup has two potency levels that cater to consumer’s tolerance levels. The Session THC Vape features a full potency THC profile for folks looking for a enhanced experience. The Anytime 1:1 Vape in contrast has a more balanced THC and CBD profile for users not looking for something quite so adventurous.


Both vapes come with flavour profiles inspired by natural aromas found in B.C. and terpenes in cannabis. Some of these flavours include Glacial Fresh Mint with alpine aromas reminiscent of the BC back country, and Berry Lemonade, which is supposed to be reminiscent of fresh picked berries from the Okanagan.

“We’ve intentionally formulated our custom blends without the use of excessive botanical terpenes allowing you to deeply enjoy every draw without being overpowering. We’ve validated the desirability through extensive sensory studies with human participants under our Research Licence, which allowed us to develop an extended assortment of compelling flavour profiles to offer variety and adaptability to early customer and retailer feedback,” said Andrews.

The distillate for Glacial Gold is produced using the company’s patented, automated closed-loop, chilled alcohol extraction plant at Nextleaf’s licensed processing facility.


Nextleaf is up half a penny today and presently trading at $0.195.

—Joseph Morton

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Joseph Morton

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