Biting the hand that feeds you

Nova Mentis Life Sciences (NOVA.C) director Steven Feldman has some interesting thoughts around vaccines, and as a life sciences company, I think it’s important to know where company directors stand on important related issues like vaccines. This is information readers and potential investors want to know.


From a quick glance, Nova Mentis is in a tough spot. As of last quarter, the company had just $1.1 million CAD in cash with a stock currently trading at $0.09 CAD on the CSE. The company hasn’t begun clinical trials and is still doing pre-clinical work. These are not exactly times for celebration, but that hasn’t put a dent in company director Feldman’s confidence.



Using Twitter’s advanced search feature two things become clear pretty quickly. One, as the director of a biotech company he sure as hell isn’t going to be injected with a vaccine made by one of his competitors. And two, Feldman is well, obsessed with Justin Trudeau, often Tweeting the Prime Minister himself.


Feldman was successful in the legal cannabis space largely thanks to Trudeau and his government legalizing marijuana, despite how shitty the rollout was. Remember the stamp machines? Holy fuck that was bad. But by all accounts without Trudeau, Feldman wouldn’t have joined Liberty Leaf holdings as it wouldn’t have existed, and thus, neither would Nova Mentis. More on that later.


In late 2020/early 2021 most of Feldman’s anti-Trudeau Tweets were related to Canada not having enough vaccines, or not having the capability to produce them in-house.



Once Trudeau secured enough vaccines to vaccinate every Canadian and their dog 5 times, Feldman changed his tune and it was now the vaccine itself that was the issue. I would guess that if Trudeau had set up an expensive vaccine factory Feldman would have been crying about the government wasting money. Again, this is Feldman’s strategy, no one can win but him, and he is really good at it.


Just use Twitter’s advanced search feature and search @CanadaGoldStcks with the keywords ‘vaccine’ and ‘Trudeau’. There’s a lot there. if your IQ rises by 10 points like mine did comment down below!


Formerly known as @CanadaPotStocks on the Marxist platform known as Twitter, he made some dough in the cannabis space as an investor and company insider. But was he singing the praises of Trudeau for actually getting cannabis legalization done?


Of course not.


Feldman’s methodology is to shit directly on whatever made him successful. As I was writing this article he reposted a link about cannabis increasing your chance of having a heart attack.



Globalist news

And to put the icing on the cake, after multiple Brian Lilly and Rebel Media re-tweets this guy actually went on Globalist News of all places to spread his message. 



Brave move.


I know for me every time I even see the Global News logo I have to microdose LSD, do 7 rounds of Wim Breathing and read 5 stickied sections of David Deida’s Way Of The Superior Man just to keep myself from having a panic attack.


So how did we get here?


In 2016 Feldman got involved in the cannabis space by becoming an insider at Liberty Leaf Holdings. By the end of 2018, Feldman held 430,000 Liberty shares, and in 2020 Liberty Leaf Holdings became Nova Mentis. Feldman currently holds 299,404 shares of Nova.


So while every psychedelics company that has raised north of 20 million dollars has adamantly screamed ‘PSYCHEDELICS IS NOT CANNABIS 2.0’, Feldman, is like no, we were Liberty Leaf before and now our company is actually cannabis 2.0. I think it was Steve Jobs who said ‘iterate fast, release often.’


See also: Nova Mentis (NOVA.C) is targeting autism spectrum disorder with unique hybrid psilocybin treatments.


So what would Feldman’s answer to this all be? Pfizer and Moderna’s clinical trials went better than any company Feldman has ever been a part of. The irony is that if Nova Mentis’ trials results are anywhere close to as effective as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine trials Feldman and all other company insiders will be stupid rich.


After conducting the final efficacy analysis in Pfizer’s ongoing Phase 3 study, their mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccine candidate, BNT162b2, met all of the study’s primary efficacy endpoints. Analysis of the data indicates a vaccine efficacy rate of 95%  in participants without prior SARS-CoV-2 infection (first primary objective) and also in participants with and without prior SARS-CoV-2 infection (second primary objective), in each case measured from 7 days after the second dose. The first primary objective analysis is based on 170 cases of COVID-19, as specified in the study protocol, of which 162 cases of COVID-19 were observed in the placebo group versus 8 cases in the BNT162b2 group. Efficacy was consistent across age, gender, race and ethnicity demographics. The observed efficacy in adults over 65 years of age was over 94%.

My goomah


I think to all of this he’d probably say well, I’m more of a mining guy anyways, health science is just my goomah. Just load me up a  Rex Murphy talk about how Trudeau cucked Canada’s mining industry so I feel better about causing landslides in small rural villages in South America.


Look, clinical trials cost a fuck-ton of money, I wrote about how bringing a new drug to market on average costs $2.6 billion USD, with the clinical trials costing tens or sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars. As of July 30th, Nova Mentis had just $1.1 million CAD in the bank.



The company has upcoming trials planned for its psilocybin candidate, so some big raises are going to be needed. The company put out a press release earlier today about expanding its psilocybin research program. Sounds expensive.


I know Mike Lindell does sponsor/invest in a lot of anti-vax companies and people. Or maybe posting in some WEXIT Facebook groups could get the ball rolling. Military wives buy anything. Probably a convertible note round if we’re being honest.

Written By:

Taylor Gavinchuk

Taylor has been covering the cannabis and psychedelics space since 2017 and has been investing in the stock market for 13 years. He started his own stock market news site High Energy Trading which he grew to 130,000 users and eventually exited from. Before writing about stocks he covered music events like Shambhala Music Festival and Pemberton Music Festival, with publishings in several media outlets including VICE. In his off time, he enjoys making electronic music, playing basketball, guzzling mushroom supplements, taking photos of street dogs, and searching out Colombian coffee plantations to buy.

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