Engine Media Holdings (GAME.V) subsidiary, Frankly Media, has partnered up with Esports Media to help stamp out inefficiencies so they can bring their A-Game to the table, according to a press release.


Esports media is a multimedia company with a news outlet and engagement channel, Esports.gg. This partnership adds to GAME’s existing partnerships, which includes the Vegas Sports and Information Network What Frankly media gets out of this is the benefit of Frankly Media’s experience. What Frankly Media does is provide digital content monetization for esports, news and lifestyle publishers through advertising, services and tech. This partnership will get Esports Media the help it needs in these arenas.


“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Frankly and be able to work with its experienced management team. There are a lot of great publications in esports working hard to build a sustainable business. This partnership, along with previously announced partnerships with Midnite and Razer, will play a critical role in our ability to scale up our content creation across the board and create new innovative content for our community,” said Christian Bishop, Esports Media’s founder.


Engine Media Holdings deals in gaming, tech and news and content for the esports news and gaming industry through their five subsidiaries, which handle everything from analytics, mobile and console gaming, to actual competitions and digital publishing and monetization.


Part of the deal has Frankly providing analysis and optimization for the Esports.gg supply, as well as identifying places where they could potentially grow and develop their revenue and improve operational efficiencies. Frankly will also provide audience insights, close data gaps and do what they can to provide more value to Esports Media’s advertisers.


“Partnering with esports media partners such as Esports Media is critically important to Engine Media’s long-term plans. Another important piece for us was the quality of Esports.gg as an engagement channel and we are thrilled to begin this partnership with Christian and his world-class team of esports veterans,” said Lou Schwartz, Engine Media’s CEO.


Here’s Reza with some details:

Source: stockwatch.com

Engine Media Holdings is down $0.27 today and trading at $13.43.

—Joseph Morton

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