Agrify (AGFY.Q) announced they are opening of Agrify University, a brand new 3,500 square foot indoor vertical farming facility.

A university all about pot, doesn’t that already exist, I think it’s called the University of Colorado, Boulder?

Very true but Agrify University is focused on teaching students about cannabis cultivation, rather than your typical college student who’s focus is on smoking pot. (And no, growing one plant in your dorm doesn’t count as learning how to cultivate cannabis).

The university will be located in Billerica, Massachusetts, placing it in the same state as other famed universities like Harvard and MIT, and will be led by David Kessler, Agrify’s Chief Science Officer, and a team of industry experts, horticulturists, and scientists. Kessler has over 20 years of cannabis cultivation experience, including 10 years of closed environmental agriculture (CEA) indoor farm design.

Kessler will be teaching the budding minds at AgU how to apply novel scientific research, interpret cultivation data, and leverage Agrify’s technology to improve their indoor cannabis cultivation practices. The university will provide in-classroom, on-site, and on-demand learning options.

“The cultivation methods used by many operators have not evolved as quickly as the industry itself, and we see an opportunity to use the power of data and cutting-edge techniques to dramatically improve the quality and yields from indoor cultivation,” stated Kessler. “Agrify University utilizes our vast cannabis research data sets and technological innovation to provide a curriculum that we believe will support the long-term growth of our industry. We’re proud to add this valuable resource to our comprehensive Agrify ecosystem, and we look forward to welcoming our first cohorts.”

As cannabis cultivation scales up and becomes more technically complicated, there is going to be an increase in the need for specialized education. Gone are the days when you can grow a few plants in your garden shed and call yourself an expert in cannabis cultivation. At the moment, here in Ontario, there are programs available at Centennial College and Niagara College which will teach you about the world of weed. However, access to Agrify’s indoor vertical farming facility will give people practical experience and allow them to learn what it’s like to work in cannabis cultivation.

On Agrify’s side, they will get direct interaction with the next generation of cultivators, allowing them to select the cream of the crop. Agrify could also end up with the option to hire people who have direct knowledge with their cultivation methods that they know are reliable and hard-working. They could also get a cool weed leaf mascot for AgU. Just saying.

Following the news, Agrify shares are up 26 cents and are currently trading at $13.84.

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