PharmaDrug (BUZZ.C) announced that its Super Smart division has launched a Slim Winkel branded online retail platform in The Netherlands and Europe.

The Slim Winkel store will offer functional mushrooms and psilocybin truffles in their online store in the Netherlands, and will sell the functional mushrooms online through Europe using the site. The site went online this morning at BUZZ’s Slim Winkel brand aims to spread “mushroom positivity” and functions as a shop and a blog. Super Smart called the educational resources “the backbone of the Slim Winkel concept.”

Super Smart called the educational resources “the backbone of the Slim Winkel concept.”

In its press release, PharmaDrug highlighted four ways they hope the website would help Super Smart. First, they hope it will help establish the Slim Winkel brand and Super Smart’s evolved Smart Shop concept. Second, they want it to help the company curate quality products, with the eventual hope being to launch its own branded psilocybin truffles in the Netherlands. Third, it will help Super Smart develop its supply chain. Fourth, Slim Winkel wants to establish stores in European countries that have not legalized psilocybin like the Netherlands has, so that if/when those countries do relax their laws, Super Smart will already an established distribution model and supply chain.

“Our concept with Slim Winkel is to create a more modern retail experience in the space; one that blends information and education. We want to move away from a tourist centric approach to a lifestyle one. Our goal is to bring psychedelics out of the shadows and make micro dosing a normal part of everyday mental health” said Harry Resin, President of Super Smart.

“The brick-and-mortar strategy will resume once management is confident the lockdowns have subsided. As previously mentioned, the Company has located several premium locations in Amsterdam for the building of a major flagship store. The buildout of that store is a core focus and management will move immediately to sign a lease and commence the build out as soon as the country opens up on a seemingly permanent basis. Management also still intends to follow through on a build out or acquisition of stores in 5 other identified cities in The Netherlands.”

When PharmaDrug announced they were rolling out a website for their mushroom products, they wanted to establish an online presence while lockdowns remained in effect in the Netherlands. In that respect, they may have missed the mark, as lockdowns in the Netherlands ended on Saturday.

Still, coronavirus cases are still above 1,500 per day in NE, even if they are dropping, so people may still be inclined to shop online.

Following the news, there has been no movement on PharmaDrug’s share price.

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