Heritage Cannabis (CANN.C) has received an expanded order from Weed Pool Cannabis Co-operative in Saskatchewan, with 31 additional SKUs soon to be available to consumers.

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“Heritage has continued to see growing interest and awareness of its brands in Saskatchewan since products first hit the shelves late last year…Our product quality and value pricing are what sets us apart from other products being offered in Saskatchewan and across Canada. We are happy to see the progressive vision of Weed Pool and we are confident that they and their retailing partners, will be truly impressed with these additional products,” stated Clint Sharples, CEO of Heritage.

Weed Pool is a co-operative of independently-owned cannabis retailers located in Saskatchewan and is licensed by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. Weed Pool was created in an effort to combat the increasing amount of large scale corporations creeping into the province. Compared to smaller businesses, larger businesses are able to secure supply contracts at a much higher volume. With this in mind, many small stores have to settle for lower quality weed to keep their shelves stocked. Since its formation, Weed Pool now accounts for more than 50% of licensed cannabis sales in the province.

The co-operative established initial and follow-on orders for Heritage’s Purefarma and Pura Vida products since November 20, and is now expanding its offering in Saskatchewan to include Premium 5, RAD, and feelgood. branded products. With a large demographic of consumers, Weed Pool will surely become a reliable revenue stream for Heritage. The expansion of its available products in the province will further bolster the Company’s recognition both in Saskatchewan and nationwide.

Furthermore, Heritage recently partnered with CannMart to bring Purefarma, Pure Vida, Premium 5, feelgood., and RAD to the company’s online platform. CannMart is a Health Canada licensed desktop and mobile portal that provides consumers with medical cannabis authorization across Canada with increased flexibility and accessibility to buy products for delivery. With this in mind, Heritage’s partnership with CannMart will increase the Company’s online presence in the Canadian cannabis sector.

Heritage Cannabis’ share price opened at $0.11 and is currently trading at $0.105 as of 11:25PM ET.

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