Patriot One Technologies (PAT.T) announced enhancements to its Video Recognition Software (VRS) for identifying weapons and other threats in crowds.

Patriot One’s VRS is an AI-based video analytics solution that they say provides “unprecedented accuracy” in threat detection. PAT believes that their VRS could allow businesses, schools, and other organizations to protect employees, students, and other patrons, will simultaneously providing valuable intelligence on how to optimize their operations regarding customer flow.

Patriot One says their VRS has the ability to detect weapons and disturbances from 150 feet away, which they say drastically improves the security capabilities for public places. Their latest enhancement is focused on eliminating false positives. False positives can become a serious problem in threat detection, as repeated false positives could cause people not to take the system’s warnings seriously enough.

“False positives are a huge problem with other AI-based video analysis systems, which is why their alerts need to be reviewed and validated by humans before any action can be taken. This squanders critical minutes in the incident detection and response cycle,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One. “VRS automatically validates alerts through multiple camera sources and a combination of AI analytic engines, so security staff can be correctly notified and briefed in real-time before a weapons incident or other type of disturbance arises.”

An automatic threat detection AI system would serve a function that is desperately needed in many places, especially in the US, a country that is averaging ten mass shootings a week so far this year. Many of these shootings take place in locations that don’t normally make sense to have armed security in, such as churches or schools. Attacks in these locations are rare enough that those responsible for them can’t justify employing a security guard, but they are common enough that people may want some kind of threat detection system.

Even in venues with armed security, VRS could be used to bolster their capabilities. AI can pick up on things humans would never notice, allowing people to better marshal their resources.

The NRA may claim the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, but an AI can help you spot the bad guy with a gun before they become a problem.

“Patriot One’s VRS is highly effective at detecting weapons very early in the incident cycle, long before a perpetrator reaches a building, which dramatically increases the likelihood of being able to respond to threats before they impact employees and customers,” said Peter Giunchini, vice president, New York Security Solutions, Inc. “These advanced insights enable our customers to secure their locations and protect their stakeholders in a cost-efficient way, since they don’t have to install brand new hardware to take advantage of VRS.”

Following the news, Patriot One’s share price has not moved significantly.

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