Psyched Wellness (PSYC.C) announced they are initiating their next pre-clinical study on their Amanita Muscaria extract (AME-1) with their Clinical Research Organisation partner KGK Science.

This newest study is a 14-day oral toxicity study on AME-1, which will then inform the dosage levels for their upcoming 90-day oral toxicity study. The study will help understand dose-dependent effects and determine the highest dose that is safe for human consumption.

This pre-clinical trial represents another important scientific milestone in the development of Psyched’s AME-1

“This represents another milestone event in the scientific study of AME-1. The results of this study will further increase the knowledge and further identify the physical and chemical properties of AME-1” Says Brian Tancowny, scientific advisor for Psyched Wellness.

This is not PSYC’s only recent study on AME-1. Last month, they announced they were beginning studies on the anti-inflammatory nature of AME-1, also in partnership with KGK Science.

AME-1 is an extract from the Amanita Muscaria, which has commonly been mislabelled as poisonous. However, through careful extraction, Psyched has managed to isolate Amanita Muscaria’s healing and restorative properties while eliminating the dangerous acid residues.

Psyched Wellness has more trials planned for AME-1 in the coming months, including neurobehavioral studies and conditioned place preference tails. They also have plans to begin clinical trials on their formulation for addiction.

All of these studies play an important role in the FDA and Health Canada approval process, a process they hope to begin in the near future.

“The pre-clinical trial we are currently conducting is part of a number of smaller studies that need to happen in a specific order and, when completed, will combine to provide the foundation off of which our future products will be developed,” says Jeff Stevens, CEO of Psyched Wellness. “As we embark on a new study or complete a study, we add significant value to the Company as we are pioneering a path to market for AME-1 derived health and wellness products.”

Following the news, PSYC’s share price declined 3 cents to $0.28.

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