Powerband Solutions’ (PBX.V) initiated a campaign with MotorTrend Group to use Source Digital’s ad unit for activating moments in video, according to a press release.


The overall goal of promoting their Drivrz platform to the MotorTrend audience. The cloud-based platform connects drivers and automobile dealers and facilitates sales, leases, and trades of a vehicle from any digital device, from anywhere, and the campaign is expected to start in April, 2021.

“By placing the Drivrz brand on MotorTrend we are introducing millions of drivers to the Drivrz experience. This is an important step to put Drivrz in front of drivers and automotive dealers across North America, to let them experience a transformed automotive retail experience, where unnecessary middlemen have been removed and transactions are as easy as using Amazon,” said Kelly Jennings, Powerband chief executive officer.

MotorTrend offers access to their 12 million monthly viewers, and is an excellent source of potential eyeballs, but what those viewers get is access to the Drivrz virtual marketplace, and access to over 4.5 million vehicles. There’s a fair amount of functionality wrapped up in the service. Their proprietary leasing component can approve leases in seconds, while its auction option, called DrivrzXchange lets users upload their vehicle for auction without th ehassle of going to a physical auction. At present, DrivrzXchange is being gradually introduced throughout key markets, and is presently only in Arkansas.


The campaign will use consumer engagement wizards Source Digital‘s tech to put Drivrz in front of consumers and automotive dealers when they’re watching videos on MotorTrend. Source’s platforme xtends beyond MotorTrend to include LiveXLive, Golf, NBC Universal and to influencers from music, auto-racing, and other professional sports.

“Source was built to evolve video content in order to deliver a value proposition for brands and advertisers that intersects with consumer engagement in real-time based on their interests when watching video. All other Internet-based advertising destinations like search engines, social media environments and e-commerce destinations allow brands to intersect and measure consumer engagement in real-time, so why shouldn’t video do the same? Our technology will contextually deliver the entire suite of Drivrz automotive products directly into video content, taking them directly into the heart of consumer engagement at a precision moment without even pausing the content they’re watching,” said Hank Frecon, Source’s chief executive officer.

Source: stockwatch.com

PBX is down two pennies today, and trading at $1.04.

—Joseph Morton

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Joseph Morton

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