Mind Cure Health (MCUR.C) has entered into a partnership and licensing deal with SOMA Breath Inc.

“We think it is important to give individuals options in building their mental wealth, both when they are engaged in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy as well as when they are not and are simply seeking better mental performance…SOMA Breath’s validated techniques and protocols will enable therapists to design psychedelic-like treatments without the need for actual psychedelics, and also to enhance the effectiveness of post-session integration, which is a key area of focus for us within iSTRYM,” said Kelsey Ramsden, MINDCURE President and CEO.

If you have been keeping up with Mind Cure’s latest news, then you likely aren’t surprised by yet another partnership for the Company. I mean, Mind Cure literally just signed a partnership with Lucid Inc. a few days ago on April 21, 2021 and lets not forget that Mind Cure also partnered with Speak Ai earlier this month on April 13, 2021. With this in mind, Mind Cure’s latest partnerships have all been intended to strengthen the Company’s iSTRYM psychedelic therapeutics platform. Through its latest partnerships, iSTRYM is now capable of offering transcription services, music therapy and now breathwork.

The term breathwork refers to breathing exercise techniques that manipulate the depth and rate of breath. With that being said, SOMA Breath is a global school that combines ancient breathwork techniques based on pranayama with modern science. Although SOMA Breath’s techniques are focused on controlled breathing, many of Mind Cure’s investors are breathing heavily. The Company’s recent partnership have undoubtedly bolstered the capabilities of its iSTRYM platform, however, Mind Cure only recently submitted a provisional patent application for its iSTRYM therapeutics platform.

Without an official patent, the potential of iSTRYM remains severely limited. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that iSTRYM will become the go-to resource that Mind Cure envisions. To investors, the sheer amount of partnerships that Mind Cure has pumped out indicates a high cash burn rate, the rate at which a company spends its available supply of cash. In order to maintain positive investor sentiment, Mind Cure will need to demonstrate some profitability or proof that iSTRYM will be a lucrative investment.

“At SOMA Breath, we have seen firsthand the transformational power of breathwork, and are eager to bring our scientifically-validated program into iSTRYM for therapists and patients around the world, and to work alongside MINDCURE to further the connection between breathwork and psychedelic-like experiences…We believe that the breath is the key to unlocking peak performance and also can serve an important role in the treatment of many debilitating mental health illnesses, and it can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, at any time,” said Niraj Naik, the Founder and CEO of SOMA Breath.

However, lets not forget that Mind Cure is fighting against the ongoing mental health crisis. iSTRYM is a truly innovate system that could potentially revolutionize the way mental health issues are treated; moreover, psychedelics have become increasingly normalized in mainstream medicine. With this in mind, Mind Cure is positioned in a market that is more inclined to support iSTRYM than it is to bury it. Keeping an eye out for the Company’s iSTRYM patent may be worth your while.

Mind Cure’s share price opened at $0.47 and is currently trading at $0.43 as of 12:25PM ET. The Company’s share price has dropped slightly following the news.


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