Hollister Bioscience’s (HOLL.C) Easyriders Products Available This Month

Hollister Bioscience’s (HOLL.C) latest brand, Easyriders, is expected to be available at dispensaries in California this month.

“My vision for Hollister has always been to pay homage to the amazing biker culture that has permeated the global landscape over the past few decades by combining it with amazing cannabis products…Easyriders is one of the most iconic and recognizable global biker brands.  With the collaborative vision of Easyriders’ Pepper Foster, we are proud to now be their exclusive cannabis partner, and we look forward to producing a truly authentic experience across the cannabis skus we develop and distribute across America,” says Carl Saling, the Co-Founder, CEO and Director of Hollister Biosciences.

Hollister and Easyriders, a popular American motorcycle magazine, have partnered to create high-quality cannabis products intended to “embody the independent spirit and attitude of the modern biker.” I imagine Hollister and Easyriders cemented their collaboration with a rugged, firm handshake followed by a cold pint at a local Californian pub. Jokes aside, Hollister and Easyriders share a passion for motorcycle culture. Hollister was founded in the same Californian town where the infamous 1947 biker rally birthed the gruff outlaw biker image we know today. Similarly, Easyriders has served as the voice of motorcycle culture and has provided countless enthusiast with an outlet for their passions.


In collaboration with Easyriders, Hollister will be releasing its premium preroll packs in silver or black collectible tins featuring Easyrider’s iconic logo this month. Each pack contains 10, .2-gram prerolls, perfect for a quick drag or micro dosing. Prerolls sold in the silver tins are made with artisan Sherbet strain while those sold in the black tins feature Ice Cream Cake Flower. Hollister describes both as being terpene-rich, Indica-dominant hybrids that may promote stress release, relaxation and uplifting moods. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast and a cannabis lover, then Hollister’s partnership with Easyriders must seem like a match made in heaven. However, as an investor, this news may not mean much to you at face value.


In the last few months, Hollister has been turning quite a few heads with its latest moves. Hollister’s recent distribution partnership with Nabis suggests the Company is preparing for growth in California. This is further supported if we consider the fact that Hollister’s Dreamy Delivery platform will exclusively be providing cannabis delivery services for California’s 2021 Emerald Cup Awards taking place on April 11, 2021. As the event’s official delivery platform, Dreamy Delivery will be featured in a six-month promotion which is sure to draw attention to Hollister’s brand as a whole.


With this in mind, Hollister is likely preparing for significant growth in California over the next few months. The Company’s volume of trading has remained relatively high in the last three months and its stock price has increased substantially in the last year. Moreover, Hollister shows potential for future growth with a small market cap of $77.22 million. Hollister shows promise as a low risk investment and may be worth keeping an eye on as the Company continues to gain traction in California.


Hollister’s stock price opened at $0.35 today and is up 4.48%. The Company’s stock previously closed at $0.335 and quickly reached a high of $0.355 today following the news. The stock price currently holds at $0.35.

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