Perimeter (PINK.V) Puts Out Webinar on Intraoperative Specimen Imaging

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI (PINK.V) announced their physician-led webinar, which they created with the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS), is now available on their website.


The webinar, titled “Next Generation in Surgical Specimen Imaging with Future AI Enhancements”, will allow healthcare professionals and investors to learn more about advances in intraoperative specimen imaging, and how Perimeter’s technology fits into the discussion.

The webinar was conducted by three physicians and covers many of the advantages and limitations of the current imaging practices and those being developed, and finishes with a Q&A.


The webinar also covered their Optical Coherence Technology (OCT) imaging system, for which PINK recently received their 501(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The OCT imaging system is designed to provide examine tissue structures during surgical procedures and provide the surgeons with real-time visualisations.

“With our recent 510(k) clearance, we are focusing our efforts on bringing our novel OCT Imaging System to physicians in the U.S. We are grateful to all of the esteemed panelists who shared with other ASBrS members their views on new developments in specimen imaging and the potential to reduce re-excision rates, improve patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs with Perimeter’s transformative and disruptive technology. I encourage those who want to learn more to access the on-demand replay of this presentation. In parallel with our ongoing commercialization efforts, we continue to develop our proprietary AI technology through clinical development under our ATLAS AI project to support next-gen advancements in our technology platform,” stated Jeremy Sobotta, Perimeter’s Chief Executive Officer.

Because Perimeter’s technology provides real-time information and is meant to be utilised during surgery, it is important that doctors have a high level of comfort and familiarity with the technology being used.


Nearly 300,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year, and an increasing number of women are choosing to have surgery after receiving their diagnosis. Delays in treatment for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can be dangerous, and so doctors having open access to information that will help them integrate new technologies into their practices as soon as possible is important.

Perimeter likely wants to make their technology seem as accessible and inviting as possible to surgeons considering adopting it to their practice.

Following the news, Perimeter’s stock price has risen 14 cents to $4.25.

Full disclosure: Perimeter Medical Imaging AI is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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