Predictmedix (PMED.C) Enters Partnership with Juiceworks and Connectus for Safe Entry Stations


Predictmedix (PMED.C) announced they are partnering with Juiceworks Exhibits and Connectus Global to deploy their Safe Entry Stations across the country.

The Safe Entry Stations will use military-grade multispectral imaging, which captures things not immediately visible to the human eye. These multispectral cameras will be paired with Predictmedix’s proprietary, clinically based artificial intelligence algorithms which provide an immediate assessment of individuals looking to access shared spaces by checking for COVID-19 symptoms.

These stations will likely operate in the background, allowing people easier access to public spaces as COVID-19 restrictions loosen.

As the debate over “vaccine passports” heats up, Safe Entry Stations could provide a more politically viable and less invasive public health measure for public spaces.

“We are excited to partner with CONNECTUS Global and offer our AI-powered technologies to their clientele. CONNECTUS Global is offering workplace solutions to clients across North America, and our technology suite complements their technologies which together can make a meaningful difference to the safety of guests, employees in various settings. The roll out of our technology at venues throughout Canada is a major achievement which adds on to our success in Tampa Bay and together this sets us as leaders in the space of providing technology to improve health and safety at live events,” commented Dr. Rahul Kushwah, COO and co-founder of Predictmedix.

Predictmedix and Juiceworks have partnered together before, when Predictmedix provided medical devices for Juicework’s Super Bowl party in February. Going forward, health is going to be at the front of everyone’s mind when they are going to public events. It will be interesting to see if places using these systems draw attention to the Safe Entry Stations to assuage any potential uneasiness with crowds that has developed over the past year, or if the Safe Entry Stations will operate unnoticed in the background.

One issue for the devices is that so far COVID-19 assessment methods like non-contact infrared thermometers have been ineffective. Predictmedix and their collaborators may find that they have better success by combining the multispectral cameras and their artificial intelligence algorithms. It will

However, these devices could have long-term potential for the detection of other viruses and illnesses, such as the flu. Most years, ~20 people per 100,000 die of the flu in Canada, but last year saw historically low flu numbers, likely because many of the precautions being taken against COVID-19 were also effective against the flu. Safe Entry Stations could become part of a permanent public health system that screens common spaces for people infected with transmissible diseases.

“Seeing this level of innovation is exciting to drive adoption of digital processes throughout the public and private sectors, what PREDICTMEDIX and JUICEWORKS are doing is revolutionary to introduce a new level of health measurement into the community. Increasing our understanding of what “community health” truly looks like in a way never done before. We are excited about what the future holds and to bring this technology to our partners globally,” stated Mike Anderson, CEO of Connectus Global.

Following the news, PMED’s stock price rose 5 cents to $0.64.

Full disclosure: Predictmedix is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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