Hollister Bioscience (HOLL.C) has partnered with Nabis, one of California’s leading cannabis distributors.

“We are excited to be partnered with Nabis for our last-mile fulfilment. Nabis has built a best-in-class last-mile fulfilment business that will help Hollister’s brands reach more California dispensaries with reduced lead times,” says Carl Saling, the co-founder, chief executive officer and director of Hollister Biosciences.

No, we aren’t talking about the retail clothing store. However, with its recent performance, Hollister Bioscience just might be the Abercrombie and Fitch of the cannabis sector. Hollister’s partnership with Nabis is intended to streamline sales, grow retail opportunities an reduce wholesale delivery times on all orders as demand for the Company’s products continues to grow. Nabis currently supplies over 99 per cent of California’s dispensaries while assisting brands in achieving sales and growth. With this in mind, Nabis is more than qualified to support Hollister as the Company’s brands gain popularity.


Prior to its partnership with Nabis, Hollister completed the acquisition of Venom Extracts, one of Arizona’s leading concentrate brands. Venom Extracts will be joining HashBone, one Hollister’s signature products, in the California market soon. However, consumers and investors can expect the release of Hollister’s Easyriders prerolls this month. For all you collectors out there, Easyriders prerolls will come in a collectible tin as the first products from the Company’s collaboration with iconic motorcycle magazine.

“While Nabis works with a wide range of cannabis brands, we always have our eye on companies with well established and diverse brand portfolios as potential partners…Hollister Cannabis Co. joining our family of Nabis-distributed brands is a great partnership for all parties. We look forward to distributing Hollister’s high-profile, top-quality products to dispensaries across California,” said Jun S. Lee, president of Nabis.

Additionally, Hollister recently announced that Dreamy Delivery, the Company’s direct-to-consumer delivery platform, will be the official delivery platform for the 2021 Emerald Cup Awards taking place on April 11, 2021. The Emerald Cup is recognized as the largest outdoor cannabis competitions in the world. With this in mind, events will be held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. However, Dreamy Delivery will be bringing award winning products directly to participants in the California area to compensate. As the official delivery platform, Dreamy Delivery will be featured prominently in a six-month promotion that will include social media posts, newsletters, PR statements and brand placement in the event’s title card and afterparty.


Hollister has already seen incredible growth in the new year following the success of its brands and various partnerships. Hollister’s latest partnership with Nabis will assist the Company in maximizing sales and promoting its brands. This will be essential following The Emerald Cup Awards which will likely boosts Hollister’s overall brand presence and growth significantly. Despite its rapid growth, the Company’s stock price remains low making it a relatively safe investment. The Company is definitely worth keeping an eye on leading up to and during The Emerald Cup Awards.

Hollister’s stock price opened at $0.345 today and quickly reached a high of $0.36 following the news. The Company’s stock price currently sits at $0.355.

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